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Circuit Court of Maryland
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Case Information
Court System:Circuit Court for Baltimore City - Civil System
Case Number:24H20000855
Title:Damond Price #4482121 vs Simon Wainwright, Warden, Youthful Detention Center
Case Type:Habeas CorpusFiling Date:06/19/2020
Case Status:Open/Active
District Case No:6B02418541

Plaintiff/Petitioner Information
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Party Type:PlaintiffParty No.:1
Name:Price #4482121, Damond

Defendant/Respondent Information
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Party Type:DefendantParty No.:1
Business or Organization Name:Simon Wainwright, Warden, Youthful Detention Center

Document Tracking
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Doc No./Seq No.:1/0
File Date:06/19/2020Entered Date:06/19/2020Decision:
Document Name:Expedited Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus Challenging Pretrial Detention and
Request for Emergency Hearing

Doc No./Seq No.:1/1
File Date:07/08/2020Entered Date:07/08/2020Decision:

Doc No./Seq No.:1/2
File Date:07/08/2020Entered Date:07/08/2020Decision:
Document Name:Copies Mailed

Doc No./Seq No.:1/3
File Date:03/16/2021Entered Date:03/23/2021Decision:Granted
Party Type:PlaintiffParty No.:1
Document Name:Order of Court in Habeas Corpus Matter

Doc No./Seq No.:2/0
File Date:06/19/2020Entered Date:06/19/2020Decision:
Party Type:PlaintiffParty No.:1
Document Name:Motion to Proceed on Attached Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus without Compact
DISC Recording

Doc No./Seq No.:3/0
File Date:07/02/2020Entered Date:07/02/2020Decision:
Document Name:Open Court Proceeding
07/02/20 Motion for bail review is hereby heard and Granted, Deft to be released on own recog with home detention. Bail form and release filed. Jackson,J

Doc No./Seq No.:4/0
File Date:09/28/2020Entered Date:09/28/2020Decision:
Document Name:Open Court Proceeding
9-28-20 Bench Warrant Issued for failing to comply with conditions of home detention. Do not release or set a bail. Own recognizance resended. CEPI to Pt. 17 (Jackson,J)

Doc No./Seq No.:5/0
File Date:03/01/2021Entered Date:03/01/2021Decision:
Document Name:Bench Warrant No. 2960764

Doc No./Seq No.:6/0
File Date:03/16/2021Entered Date:03/16/2021Decision:
Document Name:Open Court Proceeding
3-16-21Defendant released on own recognizance under Pre Trial supervision. Bail and Release forms filed. (Jackson, J)

Doc No./Seq No.:7/0
File Date:03/17/2021Entered Date:03/18/2021Decision:
Party Type:PlaintiffParty No.:1
Document Name:Emergency Motion to Quash Warrant Due to Dismissal of underlying case

Doc No./Seq No.:8/0
File Date:04/07/2021Entered Date:04/07/2021Decision:
Document Name:Open Court Proceeding

Doc No./Seq No.:9/0
File Date:04/07/2021Entered Date:04/07/2021Decision:
Document Name:Open Court Proceeding
4-7-21Defense Motion for Modification of Bail status was hereby Granted. Defendant is released now under Pre Trial supervision.Defendant shall have no contact of any form with victim. Release and Bail forms filed. (Jackson, J)

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