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Circuit Court of Maryland
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Case Information
Court System:Circuit Court for Baltimore City - Civil System
Case Number:24H20000640
Title:Ra'uf Matin vs Warden, JCI, et al
Case Type:Habeas CorpusFiling Date:05/22/2020
Case Status:Open/Active

Plaintiff/Petitioner Information
(Each Plaintiff/Petitioner is displayed below)
Party Type:PlaintiffParty No.:1
Name:Matin, Ra'uf
Address:P. O. Box 534
City:JessupState:MDZip Code:20794
Aliases Plaintiff/Petitioner
Name:Miller, Rudolph

Defendant/Respondent Information
(Each Defendant/Respondent is displayed below)
Party Type:DefendantParty No.:1
Business or Organization Name:Warden, JCI
Address:P. O. Box 534
City:JessupState:MDZip Code:20794

Party Type:DefendantParty No.:2
Name:Green, Robert L
Address:300 East Joppa Road, Ste 1000
City:TowsonState:MDZip Code:21286

Document Tracking
(Each Document listed. Documents are listed in Document No./Sequence No. order)
Doc No./Seq No.:1/0
File Date:05/22/2020Entered Date:05/22/2020Decision:Granted
Party Type:PlaintiffParty No.:1
Document Name:Motion to Waive Prepayment of Filing Fee

Doc No./Seq No.:1/1
File Date:06/26/2020Entered Date:06/30/2020Decision:Granted
Party Type:PlaintiffParty No.:1
Document Name:Order of Court

Doc No./Seq No.:1/2
File Date:06/26/2020Entered Date:06/30/2020Decision:
Party Type:PlaintiffParty No.:1
Document Name:Copies Mailed

Doc No./Seq No.:2/0
File Date:06/30/2020Entered Date:06/30/2020Decision:
Party Type:PlaintiffParty No.:1
Document Name:Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus

Doc No./Seq No.:3/0
File Date:07/02/2020Entered Date:07/02/2020Decision:
Document Name:Notice of Judge Assignment
YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED that Lynn Stewart Mays has been assigned to the above entitled matter.

Doc No./Seq No.:4/0
File Date:08/19/2020Entered Date:08/21/2020Decision:
Party Type:PlaintiffParty No.:1
Document Name:Correspondence from Ra'uf Matin

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