Pending Baltimore City Habeas Petitions (Not Bail)

CasenumberCase nameFiledDays pending
24H18000001Anthony Hopkins 425067 vs Philip Morgan(WARDEN) MCIJ2018-01-03415
24H18000014Steven Young 2064583 vs Eastern Correctional Institution Ricky Foxwell (Warden)2018-01-18400
24H18000041Nathaniel Johnson 4033069 vs Warden Baltimore City Intake Center (BCIC)2018-02-12375
24H18000074Theodore Brooks #417361001 vs Carol Harmon, Warden, MTC2018-03-01358
24H18000118Travis Adams vs State Of Maryland2018-04-06322
24H18000228Terrell Brady 400288 vs Warden Frank Bishop- North Branch Correctional Institute2018-07-16221
24H18000252Antonio Lionel Newby #1735265 Vs State Of Maryland2018-08-08198
24H18000259Keith Davis vs Commissioner Pretrial Detention Services2018-08-08198
24H18000272Steven L Smith #426-036 vs State Of Maryland, Et Al, et al2018-08-17189
24H18000275Harry Malik Robertson #4337446 vs Warden, BCBIC2018-08-21185
24H18000278Courtney Campbell Vs. Attorney General For The State Of Maryland2018-08-21185
24H18000306Maurice Ellis #2273361 vs Warden, JCI2018-09-11164
24H18000312Alvin Faulkner #14309 vs Inna Toller, Director, Clifton T. Perkins Hospital2018-09-19156
24H18000333Jason Greathouse #337025 vs Baltiomre City Correctional Center2018-10-09136
24H18000348Jovon Jones # 2953213 vs Warden Dorsey Run Correctional Facility2018-10-17128
24H18000361Anthony Cole #411-804 vs Warden, NBCI2018-10-25120
24H18000363Dwayne E Elliott #466578 vs Warden, MCTC2018-10-29116
24H18000390Calvin Bradshaw #95021 vs State Of Maryland2018-11-08106
24H18000405Dante Ricardo Bruce #239078 vs Warden, MCTC2018-11-2193
24H18000425Kevin Robinson #464325 vs Warden, MCI-J2018-12-0480
24H18000437Tavon Singletary 368-551 vs Warden Frank Bishop North Branch Correctional Institution2018-12-1866
24H18000446Altoneyo Edges #1908647 Vs State Of Maryland Bal2018-12-2856
24H18000448Michael Butler vs Baltimore City Central Booking And Intake Center2018-12-3153

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