Pending Baltimore City Habeas Petitions (Not Bail)

CasenumberCase nameFiledDays pending
24H20000012Michael Bull # 2880237 vs Warden Baltimore City Central Booking & Intake Center2020-01-09424
24H20000024Jaquan Blue vs Department Of Juvenile Services, et al2020-01-23410
24H20000026Montrell Graham vs Department Of Juvenile Services, et al2020-01-24409
24H20000313Travis Goodson vs State Of Maryland2020-04-23319
24H20000316Aaron Hill #2597646 vs Warden, MTC2020-04-23319
24H20000317Diamontae Stansbury #4306790 vs Warden, MTC2020-04-23319
24H20000334Gerald Lee #3313956 vs Warden, MTC2020-04-23319
24H20000372Timothy Earl Hatchett #210930 vs Warden Frank B. Bisphop2020-03-18355
24H20000385Anthony Henry # 943824 vs Metropolitan Transition Center (MTC)2020-04-27315
24H20000395Don'Fay Pratt #2479652 vs Warden, MTC2020-05-01311
24H20000420Said Hamza vs Simon Wainwright, Warden, Youthful Det2020-05-04308
24H20000513James Servance vs Youth Detention Center2020-05-11301
24H20000640Ra'uf Matin vs Warden, JCI, et al2020-05-22290
24H20000858Reginald Mackin vs Warden, BCBIC2020-11-18110
24H20000938Donald Richardson #3289770 vs Metropolitan Transition Center (MTC)2020-06-29252
24H20000990Barry Fitzgerald #217769 vs Warden, JCI2020-06-30251

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