Pending Baltimore City Habeas Petitions (Bail)

CasenumberCase nameFiledDays pendingDistrict CaseAttorney
24H18000106Danny Bailey vs Warden, MTC & State Of Maryland2018-03-302934B02369182France, Esq, Kinda E
24H18000118Travis Adams vs State Of Maryland2018-04-06286none listed
24H18000259Keith Davis vs Commissioner Pretrial Detention Services2018-08-08162Finegar, Esq, Natalie A
24H18000275Harry Malik Robertson #4337446 vs Warden, BCBIC2018-08-21149Lima, Esq, Marianne A.R
24H18000324Jabreel Fields # 4468487 vs Warden CBIF2018-10-021074B02370022Trivas, Esq, Jill R
24H18000348Jovon Jones # 2953213 vs Warden Dorsey Run Correctional Facility2018-10-1792Sperling, Esq, Samuel
24H18000364Terrance Anderson #4143637 vs State Of Maryland2018-10-26831B02381450Lima, Esq, Marianne A.R
24H18000375Colin Carrington #3081407 vs Warden, BCBIC2018-10-30795B02384114none listed
24H18000378Michael Holman #3062948 vs Warden, BCBIC2018-11-01776B02377584none listed
24H18000383James Murray #4100498 vs Warden, BCBIC2018-11-01771B02383431none listed
24H18000389Andrew Harvey #941587 vs Warden, BCDC2018-11-08704B02386381none listed
24H18000396Marvin James #1773887 vs Warden, BCBIC2018-11-13653B02384574none listed
24H18000404Kahron Thompson #4466925 vs State Of Maryland2018-11-21575B02383288none listed
24H18000410Jordan Rashard #3280859 vs Warden Baltimore Central Booking & Intake Center2018-11-29495B02383526none listed
24H18000428Olamilekan Longe #4758721 vs State Of Maryland2018-12-10386B02387489Lima, Esq, Marianne A.R
24H18000431Sherry A Loudermilk # 416008 vs Warden Baltimore City Central Booking & Intake Cener2018-12-14342B02277984Love, Esq, David B
24H18000433Keyone Lovitte vs Warden Betty Johnson Baltimore City Central Booking & Intake2018-12-14345B02387474Boozer, Frank Vernon
24H18000434Willie Vinson #1104703 vs State Of Maryland2018-12-14343B02382474Lima, Esq, Marianne A.R
24H18000435Rasheem Manning #1344035 vs State Of Maryland2018-12-14346B02389029Lima, Esq, Marianne A.R
24H18000436Tywone Edmonds #4042446 vs Warden, BCBIC2018-12-13355B02379774none listed
24H18000438Ronald Crowell #1154446 vs Warden Baltimore City Central Booking & Intake Center2018-12-18303B02384959none listed
24H18000443Sherry A Loudermilk # 416008 vs Warden Baltimore City Central Booking & Intake2018-12-2028Love, Esq, David B
24H18000444Heather Hurley #3075841 vs State Of Maryland2018-12-26222B02388157Lima, Esq, Marianne A.R

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