Pending Baltimore City Habeas Petitions (Bail)

CasenumberCase nameFiledDays pendingDistrict CaseAttorney
24H18000106Danny Bailey vs Warden, MTC & State Of Maryland2018-03-302044B02369182France, Esq, Kinda E
24H18000118Travis Adams vs State Of Maryland2018-04-06197none listed
24H18000259Keith Davis vs Commissioner Pretrial Detention Services2018-08-0873Finegar, Esq, Natalie A
24H18000275Harry Malik Robertson #4337446 vs Warden, BCBIC2018-08-2160Lima, Esq, Marianne A.R
24H18000321John'ta Forrester # 3528365 vs Warden Baltimore City Detention City2018-10-03174B0238419Stein, Leslie
24H18000324Jabreel Fields # 4468487 vs Warden CBIF2018-10-02184B02370022Trivas, Esq, Jill R
24H18000335Diamante MCphaul #3914408 vs Warden, BCBIC2018-10-09111B02369921Lima, Esq, Marianne A.R
24H18000336Melvin Phillips vs Wardern, Jessup Correctional Institution2018-10-1284B02380718Griffith, Esq, Jeffrey E.
24H18000338Charles Smith vs State Of Maryland2018-10-1282B02378257Bates, Esq, Ivan J
24H18000339Andre Norris #1800223 vs Baltimore City Central Booking & Intake Center2018-10-1551B02383662none listed
24H18000340Thomas Boyd #1149027 vs Warden, BCBIC2018-10-1280B02383584Lima, Esq, Marianne A.R
24H18000341Blair Thomas #2938650 vs Warden, BCBIC2018-10-1280B02380273Lima, Esq, Marianne A.R
24H18000342Tavon Thorne vs State Of Maryland2018-10-1285B02375693Starger, Esq, Colin
24H18000345Andre Norris #1800223 vs State Of Maryland2018-10-1551B02383662Lima, Esq, Marianne A.R
24H18000348Jovon Jones # 2953213 vs Warden Dorsey Run Correctional Facility2018-10-173Sperling, Esq, Samuel
24H18000349Joseph Edwards #2459303 vs Warden Baltimore City Central Booking & Intake Center2018-10-1822B02383656none listed
24H18000351Jamal Dixon #3016010 vs Warden Frederick Abello Baltimore City Central Booking & Intake Facility2018-10-1824B02383924Mead, Esq, Brandon R
24H18000352Rasean Smith #3464690 vs Warden, BCBIC2018-10-1732B02380471none listed
24H18000353Jerome Lewis vs Warden, BIBIC2018-10-1910B02386839Sobel, Esq, Mark E

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