Pending Baltimore City Habeas Petitions (Bail)

CasenumberCase nameFiledDays pendingDistrict CaseAttorney
24H20000024Jaquan Blue vs Department Of Juvenile Services, et al2020-01-23316Dollar, Esq, Lauren
24H20000026Montrell Graham vs Department Of Juvenile Services, et al2020-01-24315Dollar, Esq, Lauren
24H20000072Omar Holt vs Warden Baltimore City Detention Center2020-03-032762B02413952Cole, Jr, Robert D
24H20000119Averiesha Berry # 431356 Vs Warden Baltimore City Detention Center2020-04-032451B02412698none listed
24H20000180Antonio Jefferson #4298156 vs Warden, MTC2020-04-082406B02411485none listed
24H20000260Jewell Williams #4225901 vs Simon Wainwright2020-04-202280B02418381Levy, Esq, Brian
24H20000261D'Montae Stinette #4225901 vs Andre Smith2020-04-202280B02418381Levy, Esq, Brian
24H20000262Said Hamza #4225901 vs Andre Smith2020-04-202285B02416335Levy, Esq, Brian
24H20000307William E Holley #2154504 III vs Warden, MTC2020-04-20228027GOHCJnone listed
24H20000315Donta Lisbon #3157467 vs Warden, BCBIC2020-04-232250B02415182Gray, Esq, Rodney J
24H20000321Tyrone Walker #1538930 vs Warden, MTC2020-04-232251B02416037none listed
24H20000333Antonio Baynes #3446032 vs Warden, MTC2020-04-232254B02414500none listed
24H20000335Keyone Lovitte #3522118 vs Warden, MTC2020-04-232254B02416348none listed
24H20000346Bryron Hagan vs State Of Maryland2020-04-272216B02416392King, Esq, Ericka N
24H20000368Darious Hill-Freeman #3775587 vs Metropolitan Transition Center (MTC)2020-04-272214B02347482none listed
24H20000390Aaron Brown Vs State Of Maryland2020-04-302180B02408735Pappafotis, Esq, Joseph M
24H20000396Tayvon Johnson #4693115 vs Warden, BCBIC2020-05-012170B02417135none listed
24H20000397Thomas Parham #993629 vs Warden, BCBIC2020-05-012175B02409307none listed
24H20000399Jamal Davis #3164354 vs Warden, BCBIC2020-05-012176B02416238none listed
24H20000406Michael Childs #2202634 vs Warden, BCBIC2020-05-012176B02409126none listed
24H20000410Isaiah Carlos #4244293 vs State Of Maryland2020-05-042144B02418455none listed
24H20000412Christopher Sewell vs State Of Maryland2020-05-042146B02408412none listed
24H20000514Jonathan Tshibangu # 4527786 vs Baltimore City Central Booking2020-05-112075B02404911none listed
24H20000518Brandin Elliott vs Maryland Metropolitan Transition Center (MTC)2020-05-082102B02415546Scott-Redwood, Esq, Sheri
24H20000520Antonio Mackey vs Youth Detention Center2020-05-112075B02418764none listed
24H20000564Damien Moore #4498105 vs State Of Maryland2020-05-182004B02418476Lima, Esq, Marianne A.R
24H20000570Troy Winston # 3224357 Vs Baltimore City Central Booking & Intake Cen2020-05-122063B02402162none listed
24H20000624James Servance vs Director, Baltimore City Youth Detention Center, et al2020-05-201982B02414876Smith, Esq, Creston Phillip
24H20000630Ronald Taylor III vs Warden, BCDC2020-05-221960B02412746Cole, Jr, Robert D
24H20000643Allen Horton #903404 vs Warden, MTC2020-05-221960B02401308none listed
24H20000712George Tucker #0327212 vs Baltimore City Central Booking & Intake Center2020-05-281901B02417612none listed
24H20000713Twyman Anderson Vs. Warden, MTC2020-11-18161B02422645none listed
24H20000727Hawthrone Carpenter # 233090 vs Maryland Metropolitan Transition Center (MTC)2020-05-291890B02416421none listed
24H20000735Dominic Harris vs Warden, BCDC2020-06-101776B02417127Leikus, Esq, Alex B
24H20000736Dominic Harris vs Warden, BCDC2020-06-101772B02406616Leikus, Esq, Alex B
24H20000739Steven Bennett vs Warden, MTC2020-11-18164B02424538none listed
24H20000751Deontae Rogers vs Warden, MTC2020-11-18166B02425247none listed
24H20000778James C Orlando # 1707054 vs Baltimore City Central Booking & Intake Center2020-06-091786B02400915none listed
24H20000801Fuquan Forrest vs State Of Maryland2020-06-161713B02421107none listed
24H20000807James Sutton vs State Of Maryland2020-06-161715B02414781none listed
24H20000809Keondre Grinage vs Simon Wainwright, Warden, Youthful Detenton Center2020-06-161713B02415353none listed
24H20000817Juqaytis Williams vs Warden, BCBIC2020-06-161710B02418990Garcia, Esq, Tony N
24H20000820Brandon Johnson #2363145 vs Warden, BCDC2020-06-161710B02419928Cole, Jr, Robert D
24H20000822Warren Missouri vs Baltimore City Central Booking & Intake Center2020-06-161714B02399331Lima, Esq, Marianne A.R
24H20000824Quandre Napper # 4260967 vs Andre Smith, Acting Superintendent Juvenile Justice Center2020-06-161716B02418821Williams, Esq, Krystal J
24H20000846Thomas Butter #4386750 vs Warden, MTC2020-06-181695B02416272none listed
24H20000847Kevin Evans #3771577 vs Baltimore City Central Booking & Intake Center2020-06-161714B02418882none listed
24H20000849Ebony Scott vs Warden, BCBIC2020-11-18163B0242219none listed
24H20000855Damond Price #4482121 vs Simon Wainwright, Warden, Youthful Detention Center2020-06-191686B02418541none listed
24H20000867George Pullett vs State Of Maryland2020-06-221655B02421158none listed
24H20000868George Pullett vs State Of Maryland2020-06-221653B02423375none listed
24H20000869Rodney Thompson #3127838 vs Warden, BCDC2020-06-221652B02411257none listed
24H20000874Marvin Scott #2946334 vs Baltimore City Central Booking & Intake Center2020-06-221653B02416718none listed
24H20000896Dale W Savage vs Warden, MTC2020-11-17174B02422571none listed
24H20000897Kevin Hopkins #3142949 vs Metropolitan Transition Center (MTC)2020-06-231641B02419859none listed
24H20000898Marvin Scott #2946334 vs Baltimore City Central Booking & Intake Center2020-06-231641B02419880none listed
24H20000905Christopher Diggs vs Metropolitan Transition Center (MTC)2020-06-241633B02415241none listed
24H20000916Walter Harris vs Allan Gang Warden, Jessup Correctional Instition (JCI)2020-06-251624B02418259Lima, Esq, Marianne A.R
24H20000941Jermaine Sanders #30481170 vs Baltimore City Central Booking & Intake Center2020-06-291585B02409251none listed
24H20000945Mykwell D Taylor vs Warden, MTC2020-11-06286B02420984none listed
24H20000993Dwight T Jenifer #3397244 Jr vs Warden, MTC2020-07-021553B02420015none listed

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