Pending Baltimore City Habeas Petitions (Bail)

CasenumberCase nameFiledDays pendingDistrict CaseAttorney
24H19000018Antonio Epps #1727208 vs Warden, BCBIC2019-01-091913B02388242Lima, Esq, Marianne A.R
24H19000020Anthony Cox vs State Of Maryland2019-01-10190Levine, Esq, Allison
24H19000047Malik Buhari #3385506 vs Warden Metropolitan Transition Center (MTC)2019-01-241766B02385438none listed
24H19000092Donte Commodore vs State Of Maryland2019-02-191504B0230973Lima, Esq, Marianne A.R
24H19000100Gregory Gainey vs State Of Maryland2019-02-271425B02391366Lima, Esq, Marianne A.R
24H19000105Tiara Floyd #3174729 vs State Of Maryland2019-03-011403B02391427Lima, Esq, Marianne A.R
24H19000113Brionna Bryan vs Warden Baltimore City Detention Center2019-03-11130Cardin, Esq, Howard L
24H19000115Cellina James #119059010 vs State Of Maryland2019-03-081332B02390250Lima, Esq, Marianne A.R
24H19000123Francell Gamble vs State Of Maryland2019-03-141275B02391989Lima, Esq, Marianne A.R
24H19000125Jamal Burriss vs State Of Maryland2019-03-141271B02392846Lima, Esq, Marianne A.R
24H19000134Donelle Griffin #2599405 vs State Of Maryland2019-03-191220JP5567none listed
24H19000158Bradley Mitchell Vs State Of Maryland2019-04-04106Cohen, Esq, Martin
24H19000210Deairra Beckett vs State Of Maryland2019-05-08724B02398358none listed
24H19000211Shacazey Irving #3176651 vs State Of Maryland2019-05-08723B02398154none listed
24H19000218Corey Scott vs Warden, BCDC2019-05-10705B02395475Cardin, Esq, Howard L
24H19000249Raheem Hogan #2983279 vs Warden Metropolitan Transition Center (MTC)2019-06-12373B02397020none listed
24H19000263Sherman Ryce vs Warden Cleveland Friday /Metropolitan Transitional Center (MTC)2019-06-21285B02399080Psoras, Esq, James D
24H19000265Cedric Keith vs Warden, BCDC2019-06-25240B02401728Alperstein, Esq, Andrew Ira
24H19000267Shateele Jenkins #2708965 vs Warden, BCBIC2019-07-02172B02401562none listed
24H19000270Marquise Hayes vs Warden Baltimore Citty Central Booking & Intake Center2019-07-0910Garcia, Esq, Tony N
24H19000272Jermall Johnson #1819963 vs Warden Baltimore Central Booking & Intake Center2019-07-08111B02403906none listed
24H19000273Barry Samuels vs Warden Metropolitan Transition Center (MTC)2019-07-0910Garcia, Esq, Tony N
24H19000274Jamie Summers #2079120 vs State Of Maryland2019-07-1092B02395507none listed
24H19000282Karon Randall #4648481 vs State Of Maryland2019-07-1721B02403850Lima, Esq, Marianne A.R
24H19000283Ryan Bland #3051391 vs State Of Maryland2019-07-1721B02308692Lima, Esq, Marianne A.R
24H19000285Roland Rich #3565525 vs State Of Maryland2019-07-1722B02404341Lima, Esq, Marianne A.R

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