Pending Baltimore City Habeas Petitions (Bail)

CasenumberCase nameFiledDays pendingDistrict CaseAttorney
24H19000001Jose Ayalabonilla #4771491 vs State Of Maryland2018-12-2856JZ14793,JZ14794,JZ14795none listed
24H19000004Dominique Cornelius # 2917237 vs Baltimore City Central Booking & Intake Center2019-01-03501B02382682none listed
24H19000013George Jackson #1914082 vs Warden, BCBIC2019-01-08452B02388717Mead, Esq, Brandon R
24H19000018Antonio Epps #1727208 vs Warden, BCBIC2019-01-09443B02388242Lima, Esq, Marianne A.R
24H19000020Anthony Cox vs State Of Maryland2019-01-1043Levine, Esq, Allison
24H19000047Malik Buhari #3385506 vs Warden Metropolitan Transition Center (MTC)2019-01-24296B02385438none listed
24H19000053Escor Evans vs State Of Maryland2019-01-2528Levine, Esq, Allison
24H19000059Harold Jackson 333876 vs Baltimore City Central Booking & Intake Center2019-01-29241B02389871none listed
24H19000061James Swann vs State Of Maryland2019-01-30236B02390506Lima, Esq, Marianne A.R
24H19000062Darrelle Rich #3079073 vs State Of Maryland2019-01-30235B02390624Lima, Esq, Marianne A.R
24H19000063Deontae Taylor vs State Of Maryland2019-01-30233B02388459Makar, Esq, Zina
24H19000065William Briscoe #2875450 vs State Of Maryland2019-01-31224B02388544Lima, Esq, Marianne A.R
24H19000066James Blunt #137357 vs State Of Maryland2019-01-31224B02389769Lima, Esq, Marianne A.R
24H19000067Carl Ockimey #2392256 vs Warden, BCBIC2019-01-31224B02385443Lima, Esq, Marianne A.R
24H19000069Antonio Baynes #3446032 vs Warden, BCBIC2019-01-31220B02382716none listed
24H19000070Tekia Harrison #2433180 vs State Of Maryland2019-02-0517KK38578-KK38583Lima, Esq, Marianne A.R
24H19000071Tarrell Powell 3145909 vs Warden Metropolitan Transition Center (MTC)2019-02-06166B02390604none listed
24H19000072Josh Jones vs Warden Frederick Abello, Baltimore City Central Booking And Intake Center2019-02-0616Decker, Esq, Terrence R
24H19000073Antoine Riggins #3608076 vs State Of Maryland2019-02-06164B02381768Salter, Esq, Stephanie L
24H19000075Marcale Honesty #3535858 vs State Of Maryland, et al2019-02-07153B02373472Joseph, Esq, Chantal M

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